Ron's Rhinestones

Ron's Rhinestones

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Real Doll Breast Forms Are Great!

RealDoll Breasts are a line of ultra realistic wearable breast prosthesis in 4 sizes and 4 standard skin tones: fair, medium, tan, asian, and light-african. These colors encompass most natural skin tones. In addition, you may custom blend the silicone color with your skin using blushes and/or foundation make up powders. Our silicone prosthetics feel remarkably lifelike, especially once they have absorbed the wearer's body temperature. With our products it is possible to create illusions that before now were impossible, to live out fantasies that before were unobtainable.

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  1. Yes, they look absolutely wonderful and I so wish I had a pair. But the price! A $1,000 more or less! It makes me sad.